Looking for piano lessons in Denver, Colorado?

Consider the David Ross Piano Studio.


We offer piano lessons to Denver area children, adults and early retirees, and we tailor our piano lessons for each type of student.


We use innovative teaching methods such as:


Emphasis on Fun: David uses unique events such as Group Pizza Seminars, games and occasional quizzes to keep things light-hearted while helping students help each other learn and retain information.

Practice Tracking: Students can track their practice online each week, which encourages them to find practice time and stay accountable to their goals.

Technology: David uses a range of technology to enhance the teaching process, from electronic keyboards and synthesizers to computer-based piano instruction games and exercises.

Variety: Students can learn many different styles from classical to pop/rock, jazz to showtunes. Variety helps keep the student’s interest alive and fuels their passion for the instrument.

Practical Skills: Improvisation, composition and songwriting are also integrated into the lessons so that students are well-rounded and prepared for a lifetime of enjoying all aspects of playing the piano.

One of the key benefits of piano lessons is that it prepares children for academic success, especially in college.  To see how piano lessons can build 3 key skills required for college success, check out this page:

College Success

For specific questions on piano lessons in the Denver area, email us at lessons@denverpianostudio.com.

For lesson rates and other studio information, click here: Studio Information Sheet 2017-2018









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