Denver Piano Lessons

Piano lessons can be incredibly rewarding with the right piano teacher.

Great piano lessons start with great teachers. And we have two of them!

At David Ross Piano Studio, both of our instructors are dynamic, energetic and relentlessly positive.

Here’s the four things we focus on during our piano lessons, and what makes our lessons different from every other piano teacher:

Passion: We absolutely love the piano, and our enthusiasm is infectious! We know that getting students excited about playing the piano makes piano lessons much easier and enjoyable.

Technology: We use technology to give students the tools to play piano in a modern world, including keyboards, video performances, play-along software and PC learning games.

Positivity: We are relentlessly positive: not critical or condescending. Self-confidence is vital to learning the piano, and we take great care to preserve and build our student’s confidence during piano lessons.

Creativity: We build creativity into our lessons by teaching music composition, improvisation and songwriting alongside piano technique.


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Denver Piano Lessons Videos

We’ve created a series of short videos showing our chief instructor, David, in action with real students. They give a sneak peak into our lessons and the type of positive reinforcement you can expect from our studio.






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