Learning the piano should be fun and rewarding.


Whether you…

  • currently play
  • used to play
  • always wanted to learn

… it’s never too late for piano lessons. 


Check out one of our adult student lessons:



Here’s what separates David Ross Piano Studio from everyone else:



Most piano teachers focus so much on technical minutiae that lessons stop being enjoyable.

Our teachers focus on being relentlessly positive and encouraging, making sure that our lessons feed your passion for music instead of burying it under criticism and nit-picking.



We teach improvisation, songwriting and composition right alongside technique, helping you develop your own creativity.

We also use creative teaching methods and software so that learning music is relaxing and fun, not mentally exhausting.


But reading isn’t believing!


Words only go so far. The best way to see if piano lessons are right for you is to try one.

Take a trial lesson with one of our teachers today!


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Not Quite Ready?

If you’re on the fence about taking a trial lesson with us, here’s some resources to help you.


YouTube Channel:  Watch more videos of our lessons, take a video tour of the studio and watch our teachers perform.

Testimonials:  See what other students have to say about our studio and teachers.

Staff:  Read about our staff and select a teacher you’d like to work with.



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