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Finding the right studio and the right teacher are important for a student’s success. David provides quality music education that focuses on the individual and brings out the musicality within. Lessons are available for children and adults ages 5-1/2 and up. His studio is conveniently located in the Stapleton area of northeast Denver. The information below will help you discover what the studio’s program is all about.

Mission Statement

David believes that involvement in performing arts is fundamental to the positive development of an individual. Confidence, self-esteem, and leadership skills all develop during the music learning process. Using piano to grow creatively, David teaches progressive learning and performing; establishes valuable practice habits, and imparts a love of music expression. Curriculum is designed to meet the specific needs of each student, which includes theory, computer technology, sight playing, ear training, songwriting/composition, improvisation, and repertoire appropriate to the student’s level of proficiency and interest.

Studio Highlights

  • Students focus on musical areas that motivate and cultivate.
  • Students showcase their talents at annual recitals and on our website.
  • Students have opportunities to work on skill-building and performing, to present original songs/compositions, and to learn to appreciate music in a casual environment.
  • David offers a one-week summer intensive program for interested students. The program is designed to promote intense study of repertoire and/or music technology while working towards a particular goal. Students study every day for 5-days (separate registration & tuition required).
  • Students receive acknowledgement awards and prizes for excellent work (movie tickets, gift cards, cash, etc.)


Tuition not only covers the lesson time, but it covers much more. Here is a broad list of David’s services for which a student pays tuition:

Educational: preparing assignments, goals, and plans for each student, designing curriculum, generating progress reports, researching general repertoire, helping students find requested music, keeping up to date on music trends through teacher publications, using on-line programs, testing and using new software and hardware, staying current with iPad apps and other music technologies, arranging music, creating games, keeping track of practice habits, seeking out collaborative opportunities, buying music supplies, and organizing recitals, and creating musical arrangements appropriate for individual students.

Performance: learning and performing new and old repertoire (both for solo and duet work).

Professional Development: attending networking meetings, association meetings, conferences, continuing education classes, and other sources of professional development.

Administrative: speaking to, emailing, or meeting with parents, scheduling lessons, organizing make-ups and events, collecting payments and keeping financial records, being responsible for all communication and announcements, creating newsletters, setting studio policies, and providing letters of recommendation.

Marketing: developing and updating website content, performing website maintenance, designing studio documents (flyers, pamphlets, etc…), advertising, and attending promotional events.

Overhead: recital costs, office and general supplies, sheet music, computer hardware and software, insurance (liability, facilities, and equipment), maintenance and repairs, cleaning, instrument and musical gear purchases, utilities and other facility costs.

All of these services are covered by a student’s tuition as part of a complete annual studio package.

The following is tuition pricing for Sept. 1st, 2017 through Aug. 31st, 2018:

Discounted Tuition If Paying By Check or Cash

  30-min 40-min 45-min 50-min 60-min
*Semester (broken into 2 payments) 1,500 2,000 2,250 2,500 3,000
**Monthly (10 payments) 153 203 228 253 305
***Individual Lesson 38 50 57 63 75

If Paying By Credit Card

*Semester (broken into 2 payments) $1,560 $2,080 $2,340 $2,600 $3,120
**Monthly (12 payments) $159 $211 $238 $264 $317
***Individual Lesson $39 $52 $59 $65 $78

 *Semester tuition is paid by Aug. 15th & Dec. 15th, 2017.

**With studio approval, students can pay tuition by the month based on extenuating financial circumstances.

***Per lesson payments are available for adults with financial difficulties who come during off-peak hours.

There is a $100 annual enrollment fee (per student) which reserves a specific weekly time slot. It also contributes towards additional materials, administrative costs, recital fees, studio overhead, and group activities.

Tuition and administrative fees for students who enroll in the middle of the year will be prorated.

The studio is closed for certain holidays, school breaks, and for teacher sick time/vacation. Because these closures fall on different days of the week from year to year, a student’s tuition is not based on a set number of lessons. However, typically the studio is open from 41-44 lessons per year.

Summer Lessons

Going without lessons over the summer can often hinder a student’s progress and usually requires significant regressive teaching in the fall. David believes that the continuation of summer lessons is an invaluable opportunity for growth, and is a chance for the curriculum to be more flexible than usual. In addition, the summer is a great time for accelerated progress in that it permits extra time for practice so that the student gains more experience in a shorter amount of time. It also provides continuity of learning needed to maintain motivation and personal satisfaction. During the summer, the studio is generally closed for 4-5 weeks, but students continue lessons for the rest of those 3 months. Tuition for the remaining summer weeks is included in the annual payments. Students may also video chat or sell/gift lessons during the summer if they are gone for an extended period of time.


Students are advised to exchange lessons through the use of a swap list. Students may also request a maximum of 3 make-ups per year for lessons that are cancelled due to illness, emergencies, or inclement weather. Make-ups are subject to availability and are only scheduled during times that another student has cancelled. They are not given outside of normal teaching hours.

Contact Info

To setup a free consultation meeting, a paid trial lesson, or for general information, please feel free to contact David Ross at (303) 507-0906 or e-mail


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