Technology is changing the face of music, and David Ross Piano Studio is changing with it.

Here are some of the ways we currently use technology:

Keyboard- Teaching is done on both acoustic grand piano and electronic keyboard to accustom students to both.

CC TV- Every lesson is broadcast to the waiting room via closed circuit TV, so that parents can monitor their children during lessons if they choose.

Games- Music note-reading games are done on PC so that progress is easy to record and track for all students.


But we don’t stop there. Here are some of the latest technologies we’ll be incorporating into our lessons:

Skype video chat- Allows lessons to be taught to anyone, anywhere around the world.

Home Concert Xtreme software- Enables students and teachers to play from a score shown on a computer screen with accompaniment that intelligently follows the player.

Classroom Maestro- An intelligent, interactive electronic blackboard that features an on-screen musical staff display as well as optional keyboard and instrument displays. Allows teachers to present musical concepts in a fluid, interactive format that gets students involved.


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