David Ross Piano Studio.

Building a musical foundation through passion, technology, positivity and creativity.


David Ross Piano Studio is a premier facility offering piano lessons to Denver area students of all ages and ability levels.


What makes our studio different?

Passion: We absolutely love the piano, and our enthusiasm is infectious! We know that getting students excited about playing the piano makes piano lessons much easier and enjoyable.

Technology: We use technology to give students the tools to play piano in a modern world, including keyboards, video performances, play-along software and PC learning games.

Positivity: We are relentlessly positive: not critical or condescending. Self-confidence is vital to learning the piano, and we take great care to preserve and build our student’s confidence during piano lessons.

Creativity: We build creativity into our lessons by teaching music composition, improvisation and songwriting alongside piano technique.

For detailed information, check out our latest piano studio Info Sheet:

Piano Studio Info Sheet 2014-2015


What Are People Saying About David Ross Piano Studio?


It’s been a pleasure to work with David Ross.  Mastering piano skills has bolstered our daughter’s self esteem. - Joan (parent)

David is a natural educator. He motivates, inspires and has an infinite amount of patience. -Carli (adult student)

These home studio based lessons creates a personal atmosphere and “less corporate” which makes the lesson more enjoyable and informative. – Evan (adult student)

David’s a great teacher and motivates me to keep learning.  - Kevin Netz (child student)

Thanks to David, we believe our son will have a life-long appreciation for music and the enjoyment it brings. -Margarita & Brady (parents of a child student)


See for Yourself- Watch David in Action!

Why Take Piano Lessons?


• Piano lessons enhance school readiness, fine motor control, use of symbol systems, following directions, concentration, memory, perseverance, visual and aural discrimination, organizational skills, task completion, and goal setting.

• Piano lessons encourage abstract thought and stimulate right-brain activities – synthesis, creativity, intuition, and innovation. 

• Piano lessons develop attention span and concentration level.

• Piano lessons build self-esteem and develop initiative.


Want more information on piano lessons?

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For specific questions on Denver piano lessons, email us at lessons@denverpianostudio.com.

For a fast auto-reply featuring our latest rates and special discounts, email rates@denverpianostudio.com.


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